Monday, May 30, 2011

Book Review: A Well Behaved Woman's LIfe

When I ordered the recently reviewed book, Biblical Women and Who They Hooked Up With, author Susan McGeown sent me a bonus book! It is a fiction book entitled, A Well Behaved Woman's Life. After finishing "Biblical Women", I was ready to devour A Well Behaved Woman's Life! Here are my thoughts:

My favorite things:

1. The characters are realistic. As soon as I started reading the book, I had no problem remembering who each character was. They all had personalities and reminded me of people I know.

2. Engaging. After chapter one, I couldn't put the book down! The story had twists and turns and kept me hooked!

3. It is informative. I love how Ms. McGeown included Biblical information in the story. Each chapter introduces a new Biblical character and then they are applied to the main characters. It was a wonderful re-inforcement for the lessons I learned in "Biblical Women".

My least favorite things:

1. Hmm... I cannot think of anything. Maybe there should be a sequel? I really enjoyed this book!

A look inside:

FROM AMAZON: What do you do when you discover that your entire adult life has been a lie? What do you do when you realize everything you believed in and trusted in was nothing but an illusion painted with deceit and framed in your own stupidity? At fifty-two, the only fact that she is certain of is that her life is just about over. Standing, looking at herself in the mirror, the ravages of time and The Truth have turned her into a bitter, lonely, hateful, spiteful old woman. The peaceful, proper, well-behaved existence that has defined her entire life has gotten her absolutely nothing except an ocean of tears and a lifetime filled with regrets. However, whether she likes it or not, Bee must gradually begin to face the fact that perhaps God has not quite finished with her . yet. A Well Behaved Woman's Life is a story that reminds us that even in our darkest times, God has anticipated our needs, reassuring us that anything is possible and it is never too late - even for love, dreams, laughter and happiness.

Thank you to Susan McGeown for offering this book to me free of charge! If you would like to order a copy, click on the picture at the top of the page!

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