Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer Reading Incentives!! {FREE PRINTABLE}

I LOVE to read. I think my middle son has started to love reading now that he can read on his own. My other two boys couldn't care less about whether they read or not. I really want to make summer reading a priority. I came up with this cute incentive chart idea that I hope you will like!

I started with some scraps of cardstock in coordinating colors. I used one piece for my base. It is about 4 inches by 10 inches. Using my Cuttle Kids, I cut out some little critters to decorate the chart. I also cut the words "I TO READ" and then cut my son's pictures in the shape of a heart. I assembled it so it says I {heart} TO READ and then added the critters to the bottom.

Flip the chart over and decorate. I used a piece of Stampin Up border sticker and a scalloped circle decorated with another critter piece. I then matted my "incentive Chart" and glued it on.

Now, to laminate the chart.... I used PACKING TAPE! Yes, on small projects, instead of spending the time to go to the local school resource center for laminating, I use packing tape.

I added a hole to the top and threaded some ribbon through to create an oversized bookmark. The boys will stick a sticker on one of the squares each time they read a book. Every so often, there is a very simple and inexpensive incentive to earn. Our library also has a Summer Reading Program so that is where "Library Prize" comes in.

I hope you enjoy this idea and give it a try with our children. It can also be modified for other things such as Bible reading.

HERE is the FREE Printable Incentive chart!

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