Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book Review: Biblical Women And Who They Hooked Up With

I just finished reading this inspirational book and I just had to share! I recently went to Sue McGeown's website to request a free Kindle book that she was sharing. Well, she actually was offering all of her books for free! All I had to do was choose one and ask! I chose "Biblical Women and Who They Hooked Up With". It is non-fiction and about women of the Bible, two of my favorite things!

Sooooo, let me tell you about the book...

My favorite things:
1. The book is organized in a very reader-friendly manner. Each chapter is broken into sections. This makes it perfect for moms on the go. Read a portion while waiting in line to pick up the kids, read some before bed, read some while waiting at the doctor, you get the point....

2. The stories are written in a girlfriend-to-girlfriend kind of way. Sue talks to the reader as if she is sitting in front of you. She uses very simple terminology but sounds very educated on her subject.

3. There are scripture references. I really like this because I am Catholic and I love to read all Christian books but sometimes I am unsure as to how the books fit into the Catholic view. With scripture references, I can easily pull out my favorite version of the Bible and be sure that the story is correct.

4. Homework! I absolutely love books that offer a practical applications of the principles set forth. Oftentimes I read books and get nothing from them because there is no application. Sue's homework makes me think about what I just read... but not TOO much.

My least favorite things:
1. Only one- the Mary section does not quite go along with the Catholic teaching of Immaculate Conception. There is nothing blatently against it but it is not mentioned at all. Sue does not claim to be Catholic so this is nothing that she did wrong in her research or writing.

A look inside:

The book is set up in bite sized morsels for easy reading. Here are the sections that are included in every chapter:

1. Lessons to be learned- At the beginning of each chapter, there is a brief introduction to the woman being discussed and the lesson that she learned

2. "First Things First"- This is the Bible Reference section. There are also quotes and, my favorite, "Questions we may never know the answers to"

3. "The Core Story"

4. "For all of you ______ out there"- This section tells you more about the lesson that the woman learned and what you can learn from her story

5. Homework- Practical application of the material. Many of the "homework" pages are simply check off sheets. You check whatever applies to you. Very simple but also insightful.

I reccomend this book to any woman who is interested in learning more about the women of the Bible. There are many lessons to be learned from Eve, Sarah, Leah, Tamar, Rahab, Bathsheba, and Mary!

Thank you to Susan McGeown for offering this book to me free of charge!

Thanks for stopping by!
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