Monday, February 4, 2013

Christian Valentine's Day Ideas!

One of the most fun days of the year is Valentine's Day. As a child, I remember the joy of trading little cards and candy with my classmates. Now that I am an adult, mom, and preschool teacher, I enjoy looking at all of the great ideas that are available for creating a Valentine's Day to remember. Today I am showcasing all of the creative Christian Valentine's Day ideas!

Check out these Saint Valentine Bookmarks, Holy Cards, and other fun printables @Sanctus Simplicitus

One of my favorite Catholic bloggers, Catholic Icing has an adorable Saint Valentine Bag Puppet to share (also check out her free e-book for subscribers to her blog!)

Or... what about these adorable printable Bible Verse Valentines that I used for my Religious Ed class last year, also from Catholic Icing?

How about teaching kids some Bible Verses with these Love Bible Verses for Kids complete with an envelope to store them in from the Crafty Classroom?

Want MORE printable valentines? How about some that are specifically for Catholics? Ahh... these Printable Catholic Valentine's may be my Religious Ed Valentine's this year...

Have you seen the Happy Saints?? They are the cutest representation of Catholic Saints that I have ever seen! Well, Equipping Catholic Families used the Happy Saints to create some really cute "Saint" Valentine's Day Cards!

Who doesn't love conversation hearts?? They taste like chalk you say? Really?? Well, I love them, especially when they have a Christian twist like this God's Conversation Hearts craft!

I hope you have fun with these adorable printable Valentine's Day ideas! Check back soon for my general Valentine's Day round up!

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