Monday, February 11, 2013

Book Review: Wake Up Generation!

As soon as I saw the last name on the newest release from Harvest House, I immediately wondered if the author was related to Stormie Omartian. Lo and behold, Paige Omartian is Stormie’s young daughter in law. Left with huge shoes to fill, Paige hit the ball out of the ballpark in her newest work, Wake Up Generation: You have a life… how will you use it?.

As a cancer survivor and devout Christian, this 21 year old recording artist has a lot to say about living a full life- and she says it well. The book is aimed toward the younger generation, giving them the encouragement they need to step out and become more that “just a teenager” and become a real part of the body of Christ. In addition to encouragement, Omartian offers the young adult the tools necessary to begin living a full Christian life. The book is so chock full of information, Bible verses, discussion questions, and real life stories 
that I found my 31 year old self engrossed and motivated to make some changes.

This book would be perfect for a youth group book club or gift. I think it would be engaging and a great springboard for deep discussions about the faith life and transitioning into a Christian adult. I think this book is appropriate for older teens, about 16 and older. It would even be beneficial to the older young adult who is searching for a way to deepen his or her faith. 
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