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Opening my Eyes to the Grief of Abortion

Opening My Eyes to the Grief of Abortion

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Opening My Eyes to the Grief of Abortion

As I write this, there are many people marching the streets across the U.S. in opposition of the anniversary of the death sentence for unborn children, Rowe v. Wade. Over 250,000 people storm Washington, DC annually to protest abortion in hopes that one day this law will be reversed.
The Catholic Church has had a longtime stance of being pro-life, even opposing the use of contraception. In addition, the Church understands the grief that a post-abortive parent can feel and offers support through a ministry called Rachel’s Vineyard.
Being a pro-lifer myself, I didn’t really understand the scope of the feelings of some post-abortive women until I had to experience some intense suffering myself.
Within a few weeks, I first found out I was expecting my fourth child and then lost him or her to miscarriage. Not only did I lose the life of my child, but I had subsequent medical issues that forced me to have to undergo a D&C.
While on the gurney, awaiting surgery, God opened my eyes to the experience of a woman who may have chosen abortion. There were things that I had taken for granted that a woman awaiting abortion did (does) not have.
She did not have a full medical staff on call, including a familiar doctor but was left in a cold room with a doctor and a nurse that she did not know.
She was not put to sleep but remained awake while her child was mutilated and sucked from her body.
She may not have had her mother and husband waiting on her when she was wheeled out after her operation but may have had to catch a bus or drive herself home from the clinic.
Although it is true that procured abortion is ultimately chosen by the mother, she is still a mother. She must forever count that baby as a “pregnancy” when asked on medical questionnaires. It has even been thought that she may actually hold some of her child’s DNA in her body after it is no longer in the womb. She can still suffer from post-partum depression. And on top of it all, she may suffer from the excruciating guilt of knowing that she ended the life of her child.
Women who have had abortions need the support of understanding and forgiving Christians like those that are found in the Catholic Church. Instead of only being known as the Church who opposes abortion, we should be known as the Church who respects life, including the life of the post-abortive mother who knew no other way. We must love her with the love of Jesus and open her eyes to the evil of abortion and the forgiveness that lies inside the Catholic Church.
Visit Rachel’s Vineyard for post-abortive support.

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