Monday, September 24, 2012

Book Review: A Big Life

"A Big Life" by Peter Hone is a documentary-style book about the vision of a man named John Heerema and how he and his wife began a life-changing ministry halfway around the world. All they had was a vision and trust in the Lord. 

John Heerema battled various setbacks during his childhood and eventually turned his back on Christ. But Christ didn't turn His back on John. Instead, He led John halfway across the world to the poor streets of Calcutta, and later to many small villages in India. John spent time ministering to the poor and lost and brought many souls to Jesus through his ministry, Big Life Ministries.

This book is a moving story and one that makes the reader want to take action to help the lost in the foreign lands of India, Iraq, and Pakistan. As a Catholic reader, I read this book carefully because of the evangelical nature of the book. This book mentioned Catholics in a neutral light and there was nothing contrary to Catholic belief in this book. Instead, it motivates me as a Christian to put more effort into supporting missionaries.

The Holy Spirit was definitely using this story to speak to me because, while reading this book, I received an email from the Women's Group of my church asking for my vote on whether we should donate money to a missionary who is now in college but is a member of our church. I was delighted to respond in the affirmative. 

This book was a quick read and was written in very simple terms but told a long and complicated story without losing the reader. I think it would be a must for any church who is considering missions or who is already working with Big Life Ministries. I also think that anyone who is interested in mission work or curious about what it entails can learn some things from reading this book. It is inspirational!

I received a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


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