Friday, June 1, 2012

Books I'm Devouring

Are you wondering what I am reading this month? I read over 10 books last month! I ussually read about 5 books per month which equals around 30 minutes per day. When I am off work in the summer, I read much more. Check out my growing list below for some ideas of some books you may want to read. All the pictures are Amazon affiliate links:

The Anniversary Waltz- I'm reading this one for a review. It will be posted on June 10.

This series was recommended in Catholic Digest. I found some of these books on my library's website!

I heard that all of the "Father Dowling" mysteries are good! These are also Catholic fiction!

Another Catholic Classic

Another one recommended in Catholic Digest

I won this one in a giveaway and cannot wait to dig in!

I won this in a giveaway, too (I also won a $50 credit for jewelry and a pair of earrings last month- Im on a roll!) I looked through this book and I am seriously thinking of going through the whole book this summer, one activity at a time!

I'm in the midst of reading this one and I love it! I just finished "The Amish Way" by the same authors and these books are written in an easy to understand format.

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia
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