Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bag Lady

Ever since the first surge of "going green" and "BYOB" (Bring Your Own Bag), I have been a staunch supporter. As a matter of fact, I was interested in caring for the environment since I was about 8 years old. I even started my own "Earth-watchers" club where we learned about how to care for the Earth. More recently, I began buying those re-useable shopping bags that you see everywhere. They were so cute and so cheap- I couldn't resist! I even received a few of them for FREE! (who can resist free?)

So, for years, my rear entry way closet has sported a veritable "bag o' bags" for my green-shopping pleasure.

Except that, until yesterday, they were never used. At least not for their intended purposes. I honestly was a little scared of the response I would get from people, especially the baggers (yes, I live in Georgia and we actually have bag boys [and gals]!).

Boy, I am I sorry I was such a coward for so long!  I will probably never go back to plastic again! Here's why:

1. Although the people who were bagging the groceries this time were actually a church youth group, the cashier nor the baggers blinked an eye when I presented them with my bag o' bags.

2. More groceries fit into each one of my fabric bags so there were less trips to and from the cart and then from my car into my house.

3. The bags are nice and sturdy so I didn't have to bother with ripped bags and dumped food (except, of course I didn't have enough fabric bags and I got a few plastic ones. One of those ripped in the parking lot!)

4. I saved over 20 plastic bags from their landfill-cluttering non-biodegrading demise- or, more likely, from recycling (they are #2 plastic, you know)

SOOO, the point of this post? If you have not given the old fabric-bag approach a try, please pledge to try it at least once this month in honor of Earth Day. As Christians, we are called to be not only good stewards of our gifts such as money and family, but also of our dear sweet Earth- it's the only one we get!

Thanks for stopping by!
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