Monday, March 19, 2012

Portable Medicine Cabinet

Have you ever been at work, Wal-Mart, in the car and had a headache and no ibuprofen? Have you had a sudden attack of acid reflux and had no antacid? Have you had a sneezing fit and had no allergy meds? I have, too!

I got so tired of never having my appropriate meds that I finally created this portable medicine cabinet to keep in my purse!

I used an old craft container but a daily medicine box will work great. You can often get those boxes free or for a $1. I pulled out my label maker and labeled each section with the name of the medication that I am putting in the section. I made a section for:

1. Tylenol (Motrin, Ibuprofen gives me ulcers)
2. Excedrine (I have a tendancy to get migraines)
3. Allergy (I put some Chlortabs from Wal-Mart and then I found some generic Zyrtec at Wal-Mart for 88 cents!)
4. Zantac
5. Tums (Yeah, I have a bad stomach)
6. Cold Medicine (I don't need it right now but reserved it for later)
7. Extras

Now you can easily get to your clearly labeled medications tucked neatly inside your purse without adding any bulk.

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia
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