Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Reflections: What in the world is the "World"?

This week I have come across many references to "the world", "worldly views", and worshipping something other than God. Truthfully, they are all pretty much the same thing.

When we have "Worldly Views", this means that we are looking at things from the perspective of those around us. We should be looking at things from the perspective of Jesus. When He lived on Earth, he warned us all that we should not adopt the views of the world. Jesus took a lot of flack for this! He was crucified, in essence, for His views.

I notice when others have worldly views when I hear them speak negatively about another person's life. For example, we are to love everyone as Jesus did, but I often hear people who are Christians speaking negatively about other races. Particularly of person's from Mexico. It hurts me to hear these things from people who are supposed to be giving up the worldly view and loving ALL souls unconditionally.

How does it sound for someone to be pro-life and then say that a person who is desperate to give his or her family a better life should be treated in an inhumane way? Sounds like a hippocrite to me.... To  non-Christians, this can be the one thing that keeps them from joining us in our worship and love of God.

My challenge to you, my readers, (and to myself) is to watch what we say, especially when in the prescence of non-believers or those who no longer attend church. Let's speak the views of Christ so that we may encourage others to adopt Christ's view instead of the World's view.

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