Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I am in the midst of reading a book for review entitled "The Digital Mom's Handbook" (will link my review as soon as it is posted!). The book goes way beyond the scope of blogging that I am interested in persuing and into making a business out of blogging. As I was reading, I was thinking that none of it really pertained to me, a simple blogger who is looking to connect with and share with other like-minded moms.

As I read, I began to notice that I was "highlighting" more and more as the chapters progressed and that there were some things that I can implement to make my blog better and more popular. Soooo..... I am prioritizing and re-organizing my blog. Everything that is here is staying but I added some "pages" to the top of my blog, I changed the "tags" on some of my posts and I plan to visit and comment on other people's blogs more often in hopes of attracting attention to my little place in cyber space.

I will be posting a review soon so that you can pre-order this book if you are looking to increase your blog numbers and amke some revenue. Or, if you're like me, attract a little more attention and make some more friends!

God Bless!

Thanks for stopping by!

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