Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WIWW: A Simple Life

I notice a theme in this week's Bible readings. They all point to leaving the "world's" treasures behind for those in Heaven. I have noticed that there are many books being published about the Amish way of life and that there are people buying these books as fast as they are printed. Why? I think it is because so many people are looking for "the simple life".

Every Spring I strive to simplify my life by clearing away the physical clutter in my home. At least once per month, I have a bag of "stuff" to be donated. I often wonder how all this "stuff" gets into my home. All of this waste. Things we don't need.

When do we let go of the spiritual clutter? The negative thoughts, the extra "clutter" that we don't need. Retreats are a wonderful way of purging spiritual clutter and we should all make a point to participate in one at least once a year. Our "Spring Cleaning".

What about those little junk piles that accumulate though? I think maybe some spiritual reading, volunteering, and some self-made retreats are in order. Once per month I think we should find a way to get away from the "junk" in our heads and focus on God. Simplify things a bit.

What do you think?

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