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"Therefor I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat. Or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food and body more than clothing?"
Matthew 6:25

Modesty is a topic that has piqued my interest for quite a while. The modesty spectrum is so large and the opinions are varied. I researched modesty a lot last summer and it changed many of my views and some of my behavior. After reading Monday's passage in the Ministry of Motherhood Book Club, I started contemplating modesty again.

My opinions of modesty

Since the spectrum is so large, I decided I will state my personal opinions about how I feel based on the research I have done. My opinons are not hard and fast rules- actually there are none! Modesty is a personal choice.

I have read that modest attire varies from showing no skin at all, nothing above the ankles or elbows, to no cleavage or see through clothing. Some people think that modesty is wearing skirts, feminine clothing, or head coverings. I feel that an appropriate modest dress would incorporate all of these aspects depending on your thoughts on the following guidelines I developed.

A modest outfit would follow these guidelines:

1. Whatever your husband considers modest. Most husbands have an opinion and want their wives to be modest. Some husbands prefer skirts only. Some think that skirts are too sexy. Your husbands opinion is very important when choosing your modesty approach.

2. No sexy skin! By this I mean no cleavage, belly, or back. Also, I feel that anything above the knee is too short for a modest woman.

3. Cover your chest. Just because your clevage isn’t showing, doesn’t mean that you aren’t flashing every man you bend in front of!

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