Friday, April 29, 2011

Pope John Paul II Beatification Cupcake Toppers!

Yes, I am down to the wire posting this one! Yes, I have actually been doing crafts again lately!

I am excited about the beatification of Pope John  Paul II on Sunday, May1. He was a face I knew way before I became a Catholic. He was an extraordinary man. I want to celebrate his beatification on Sunday, along with the Divine Mercy Sunday Dedication. The two celebrations go hand-in-hand because John Paul II beatified St Faustina and, essentially, started the devotion of Divine Mercy Sunday.

I am not a cupcake topper maker by trade and I am having trouble with Word, which is the only way I know to add the frills to my clip art. Instead, these are simple circles I created that you can cut out and create your own toppers. Here is how:

Pope John Paul II Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

What you need:

printable JPII pictures
1 3/4 circle punch or scissors
scalloped circle punch or decorative scissors
cardstock in coordinating colors
adhesive or glue stick

How to do it:

This is another simple tutorial. All you have to do is print off the printable pictures of JPII or even find your own favorites in Google Images.

Then you want to carefully cut out each picture using a circle punch or scissors

Using coordinating colored cardstock, punch out scalloped circles (2 for each topper). If you do not have a punch, glue your picture to the cardstock, back it with another piece of cardstock, and use decorative scissors to cut a thin border around each. This should create your backing pice too.

Next you want to glue your picture if you used a punch

Lastly, you add the toothpick to create the topper. All you need to do is sandwich the toothpick between the front scalloped circle (with picture) and back scalloped circle (blank one)

I hope you enjoy this modest freebie! Thanks for stopping by!

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