Monday, December 6, 2010

Painted Advent Candles

I promised to post these a little while ago and then it totally slipped my mind! I originally saw this technique on my favorite All-Things-Catholic-Kids blog, Catholic Icing! The mastermind of the blog, Lacy, showcased painting candles with crayons!
I decided to give it a go and I was AMAZED at how simple it is! I don't have a griddle pan so I went with the old-fashioned double boiler method. I put my crayons in an old glass candle jar and placed it in a pan of boiling water. I stirred it until the crayon wax melted and used a cheap paintbrush to paint it on. My candles are kind of bumpy so I started at the top and painted a stripe down. I dipped it, then painted another stripe. I did this all the way around and then turned it over and painted anywhere that I missed. I finished by painting the top of the candle. I think they turned out FABULOUS! What do you think?

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