Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nativity Wreath

During my daily blog hopping looking for Christmas ideas, I found an awesome post at "Under the Table and Dreaming" featurting the blogger, Belle, from "Beautiful Nest". Her inspiring project was to make a paper crafted Nativity Wreath. Here's what I did:

( I am SO not happy with this photo but you can get an idea from it)

Nativity Wreath
First I started with this hideous wreath I made last year using a Dollar Tree wreath base and some old ornaments. I ripped off the ornaments and fluffed my wreath a bit. I then used bag ties to attach a little extra Dollar Tree greenery to the back of my wreath.

After that, I started on the ornaments. I traced my clothespin onto an old popsicle box and then roughly drew my figure. I found the scrapbook paper I wanted to use and traced it then glued it to the cardboard piece. I repeated this step for each figure, adding details to each figure. Here is how I customized mine:

Mary and Jesus- for Mary and Jesus, I made sure that Mary had on blue since this is a Catholic tradition. I simply cut her clothing a little fuller and made the knot on her clothing a little more feminine. I made Jesus seperately and used a baby themed paper. I used dimensional tape to attach Jesus.

Joseph- For Joseph, I made sure he was a little taller than Mary and added a more masculine tie to his clothing by attaching a flat piece of ribbon first and then adding a small scrap and tucking it. I used a smidgin of glue to hold it down.

Shepherds- These were actually my favorite. I made them similar to Joseph and the same color. I added a pipe cleaner "staff" to one and then a ribbon sheep to the other. I made the sheep by weaving some thin ribbon in and out of the top of the ribbon and then tying it into a tight knot. I added a little paper face to him and attached him to my Shepherd's front.

Angels- I made these pretty simple. I used a "snow angel" shape and added a golde pipe cleaner halo to the top. I made them the same pattern also.

Wise Men- Once again I made these in the same fashion as Joseph. I made them all fromt he same paper and gave each one a paper crown. I used a bit of paper to add a beard to one and mustache to the other. On the gifts, I added some ribbon and attached them to the wise men with dimensional tape.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my version and please check out the blogs that inspired me!

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia

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