Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Crafts: Card Display

When I saw this Christmas Card Display, I KNEW I had to replicate it! Before I tell you what I did, I have a confession...
I used to have a Cricut Cutting Machine. Yes, used to. Years ago when they first came out. And I never used it. Never.... SO rest assured, all my cutting machine deprived friends, this display required NO machine. Only my two hands, some paint, and some glue!

Christmas Card Display Tutorial

1. First I needed to find something to make my display out of. I looked in my craft closet and found some blank plaques I purchased at Dollar Tree a while ago. They really didn't look big enough so I used my hot glue gun and some popsicle sticks to attach two plaques together and made it super long. So basically, find you something to make your display out of!

2. Next I used some scrapbook paper and glued it to my boards. I then used some VERY FINE sandpaper and went over the edges lightly. This gave it a distressed look. After that I mixed some glue and water and went over the entire thing. I got kind of worried because the paper crumpled. After it dried, it flattened out and looked great.

3. I then painted my chipboard letters that spell out my greeting. I chose "for God so loved the world..." because it is a reminder to me that God planned on this Christmas baby to give our Easter sacrifice. Chipboard letters can be found almost anywhere these days. Big Lots is the cheapest place if you can find them. If you can find the right color, you won't have to paint thm either! I just used what I had in my stash. I also painted the larger letters with glue and poured glitter over them. Attach the letters to your board now. I used hot glue but you can use craft glue or adhesive.

4. Next, I cut some patterned paper to cover my clothespins. I glued it on and then went over them with light sandpaper. I used my hot glue to attach them to the bottom of my board. I had one left over so I attached that to the upper righthand corner of my board for my current Christmas Card!

What do you think?? Please leave a comment and let me know if you made one too!

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