Sunday, August 15, 2010

Christ's Mother and Ours: Book Review

Christ's Mother & Ours: Christ's Mother And Ours

This is my personal book review of the inspiring book, "Christ's Mother and Ours" by Father Oscar Lukefar. I received the book for free through a program that I joined 3 years ago when I first became a member of the family of Christ, Catholic Home Study. The program is completely free (of course donations are welcome!) and the books and workbooks are mailed to you. You complete the workbook, submit the answers online, and receive a Certificate of Completion with your grade printed on it. Visit the site and check it out! This book is also available at Amazon (click on the link or picture above) for less than $8!

On to my review... I have read several books dedicated to Mary. None of them come close to the wealth of information packed into this small book! There are chapters dedicated to Mary in the Liturgy, Mary in the Family, and Mary's Rosary. These are not the only chapters in the book, there are 13 chapters in all! Learn about the famous Marian apparitions, the history of Marian devotion, and the role of Mary in the life of Christ. It is hard to read this book and not look to Mary in awe. A woman who devoted her life to Christ in the most intimate way, as His mother.

I would recommend this book to anyone who does not believe that Mary should be honored by Christians. I also recommend this book to those who believe that she should!

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