Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to Work

I have had an excruciating week last week and finally have enough energy to get on here and post! I am a Head Start teacher and we started on Tuesday. The first two days of school were pretty boring. We only had 3 children the first day and 6 the second day. We couldn't really do much because we were missing the "group" part and it was kind of weird lol. Then on Thursday, we had 12 children and 13 on Friday. One of the children is severely developmentally delayed. So, while we are working with, eventually, 18 children (ages 3 and 4) , we have to hold, entertain, feed,  and change a baby. She is probably the equivalent of a 9 month old. She is very sweet and adorable. But she's also a LOT of work for me and my secondary teacher. We don't have the proper equipment to take good care of her. We have ONE toy that is safe for her. God gave me a doozy to work on during this school term!

I always consider my work at Head Start as my challenges from God. I assess each student in my mind and wonder which one God sent specifically for me. There is ALWAYS at least one child whom I know is "the one". I think maybe this baby is mine for this year. The other children seem to be very easy going and listen pretty well, which is what we need if we are going to teach anything. I feel like the challenge for both me and my secondary teacher will be to balance keeping our room clean and organized, teaching something to ALL of the children, and offering the full time care that this little one needs. It's a tough challenge but somebody's gotta do it. And God chose me.

Have a great day!
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