Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Book Review: Surviving Depression

Surviving Depression: A Catholic ApproachPrayers For Surviving Depression
I just completed the book, "Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach" by Sr. Kathryn Hermes. It is AMAZING! I purchased the book over two years ago and never read it! God was not ready for me to have the information that is packed in this book.

My son, Jacob, age 6, suffers from Selective Mutism Disorder and Depression. He was diagnosed only a few months ago and is doing wonderfully on the treatment he is receiving. I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression 4 years ago when I gave birth to my youngest son. Since then, I have depressive "episodes" where I start feeling overwhelmed with life and need to "tune out". The problem is that I often need to "tune out" for days and sometimes weeks at a time. This is the reason I purchased this book.

Sr Kathryn Hermes approaches depression in a way I have never seen it approached. She tells readers that she knows that we often cannot control our depression even when we are spiritual. Often I have read and heard that depression  is a sin because we are not trusting God. Sr Hermes totally disagrees with this way of thinking. She does tell readers that the only way to completely control depression is to trust God. She gives readers tools for responding to those friends who tell us to "try harder" or "get over it". She explains reasons that people become depressed, ways to start healing, and treatment options.

My most favorite part of this book is the Stations of the Cross for depressed people. She takes each station and dispels one form of negative thinking for each station. I think that these will be looked upon often. I have plans to make myself a set to look back on often as I go about my days as a Head Start teacher, working with many personalities and often mentally tired by the end of the day. Sometimes too mentally tired for my family. Not good. I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and have been compensated in no way for this review. I just love to pass on reviews when I read a helpful book such as this one.

Also, check out "Among Women" podcast #57 on iTunes and listen to an interview between the talented podcaster, Pat Gohn, and Sr Kathryn Hermes about this book!

Have a wonderful day!
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