Thursday, June 3, 2010

Catholic Audio Freebies

love freebies! Really, I do! But only freebies that are practical and useful. Well, one day last week, I discovered the awesome world of podcasting in it's fullness. I knew that they existed but I never really "got it" until I decided to download iTunes (and subsequently put an iPod Shuffle on my "to buy" list) I downloaded iTunes and then started "subscribing" to podcasts that I really enjoyed but never remembered to go back to regularly. Then, I found more podcasts that I never knew existed before. I felt like I hit the jackpot! Then, it seemed that the audio freebies were pouring in! Here are some of the newest ones I have discovered and LOVE!

Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer
Catholic Moments
Catholic Vitamins
The Catholics Next Door
The Catholic Family
Catholic Answers

Rosary Army

Rosary Army

Please feel free to share more audio religious freebies (anything Christian!) in comments!

Have a great day!
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