Friday, May 14, 2010

Reflection: I am blessed....

Rachael Lampa

I may never climb a mountain,
So I could see the word from there.
I may never ride the waves,
And taste the salty ocean air.
Or build a bridge,
That would last a hundred years.
But no matter where the road leads,
One thing is always clear....
I am blessed

This is my theme song for this season of my life. It is a song by Rachael Lampa. I have really gotten to enjoy her music. I really love the message of this song. The more I sit and contemplate my own life, the more I can see that I ussually fall short of the "world's" standards but I have been so blessed by God that it doesn't matter. No matter what I DO in my life, all that matters is what I do for God and that it is something that I feel in my heart is what HE is asking me to do.

Sometimes it seems like we are all alone in this world. That we are never good enough or that nothing really goes our way. But if we trust that God knows the way, we can rest asssured that He will bless us with all the things that we need in order to fulfil His will. Never worry.... God is there... He can see you and He loves you...
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