Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our MESSterpiece

I was tempted not to take pictures. I thought about forgetting this whole ordeal. Then I thought about the other blogging moms out there who post even the worst days. They give us "imperfect moms" reassurance. The ordeals that they go through let us know we are not the only ones who struggle to give our children different experiences. Therefor, I will post about the biggest mess in the history of my motherhood....

It all started on Catholic Icing, a blog written by a very sweet woman named Lacy. She gives Catholic moms ideas to enrich the work we do in our Domestic Churches. This week is the feast day of St George. In honor of this day, many moms will bake dragon inspired cakes with their children. I will be out of town on Friday through Sunday so we decided to give it a whirl today. We used the dragon cake featured on Family Fun's Website.
The beginning of little draggy was innocent enough. We got all of our stuff together before we began. As I went to get the vegetable oil out, I realized that we had NONE. No apple sauce either.... So we decided to try vegetable shortening. Mistake #1.
Then we mixed everything together with the mixer and poured half of the batter into my glass pie plate. We have no round cake pans anymore and I have ONE pie plate so we had to make one cake at a time. Mistake #2.
We took out the first cake. Let it cool a few minutes, tore it apart trying to remove it from the pan (see mistakes #1 and #2) and loaded it into the oven. After we removed it, we started mixing the color into the icing. I let Toad hold the mixer like I did when we did the batter. Only this time, I put the spatula in the bowl to scrape the edges and somehow, my hand ended up mangled in the mixer.... yes it hurt! Mistake #3.
Then, it came time to put the icing on the cake.... I can't let myself go into detail. The picture speaks for itself.

and here is Toad.... my other MESSterpiece

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