Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Redeeming Myself

The feast day of St Mark is on April 25. I will be out of town on that day so I decided to celebrate with my boys early! Of course, I found my idea for today from the AWESOME blog, Catholic Icing. In turn, she got this cute lion sandwich idea from Little Nummies. So cute!

I decided that I needed to redeem myself after yesterday's fiasco with the Dragon cake! LOL. I followed the diagram provided on Little Nummies. I used some cheese cubes that I already cut up and cut them into tiny strips. I would have used grated cheese or carrots like the example if I didn't have the cubes. I also piped some Nutella on my lion to create his face. All I used was a zipper bag with the corner snipped. I wanted wings so that he would look like the St Mark Lion so I grabbed the last piece of provolone cheese from the fridge! Perfect! And here are the results:
I think I did good on this one! LOL

Thanks for stopping by!
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