Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter has only just begun!

Did you know that in the Catholic Church, Easter lasts 50 days? Yes it does! We spend 40 days preparing for the coming of Christ by changing our lives to be more like Him. Now, after Easter, we are going to celebrate! Jesus is Risen!
To celebrate the Ressurection of Jesus, Catholic Icing is hosting an "Easter Link-Up". (see my sidebar for a direct link to the link up) I REALLY wanted to join in and was racking my brain for creative ideas. I came up with a few things and I have some ideas to try out during the entire 50 days. Toad and I have one more week of work/school after this Spring Break and then we will get to do more activities.
Here's what I have so far:
This week I thought we could focus on the actual Ressurection. We talked breifly about the Ressurection and we did some experiments. We discussed how HEAVY the rock that sealed Jesus' tomb must have been. We came to the conclusion that no person could have moved it himself. Only an Angel of God could move it.

Jacob lifting a rock that is WAY smaller than the one that covered Jesus' tomb

Toad lifting the same rock.... it was really heavy

We tried moving the storage building, nothing.....

We tried moving the car. It wouldn't budge

I moved my ideas for the 50 days of Easter to this page also found on the tabs on top of my blog! Thanks!


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