Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Money Saving Easter Celebration

We celebrated Easter Sunday quietly at home. Easter Monday, on the other hand, was a celebratory day! I decided to save our "celebratory Easter" until Easter Monday for several reasons but I think this will be something we will continue to do from now on.
On Monday morning, I went grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie and decided to check out the Easter stuff for our cookout/egg hunt. They had the plastic eggs on sale for 37cents a package. They had candy for 50 cents a bag. I got some cute baskets for 37 cents each and chocolate bunnies from $1- $2.50. I grabbed some items and headed to the bakery to look around. I noticed that the clearance bakery shelf was jam packed. I checked out the items and there were tons of Easter cookies for 50 cents a package (reg price $3.99 each) and they dont expire until April 11! I bought 3 packages! I got some other stuff for our cookout and eventually headed home.
I ended up getting everything for the egg hunt part for about $3. We also ended up with the cookies and each child got a new basket. We had tons of fun and I am looking forward to next years hunt already!

I am planning to join the "Easter Link Up" at Catholic Icing tomorrow so I need to get my ideas organized and get to posting. Stay tuned for some Easter ideas!

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