Saturday, March 13, 2010

Library Book Sale!!

I racked up today at the annual used book sale at our local library! I got about 20 books for $7.50. All soft cover books were a quarter and hardcover $1. I got some old ones that I am hoping will still provide some good info.
Among them are:
"The Strong Willed Child" by James Dobson
"Weight Watcher's International Cookbook" - I figured recipes never go out of style!
"Fitness for Dummies"
"Flannelboard Stories" VOL 2 and 3- another real oldie but looks useful
"The everything Tween Book" - wonder if it'll really help... hmm....

I also scored big in the animal book department. I got "Peterson's Guide to Eastern Birds" for 25 cents!!! My son has been wanting this for a long time! I also got a book about Parrots and one about Labrador Retrievers for him. Another good one was one about "Weird and Wonderful Wildlife".

I am excited about my finds! I am planning to post a photo of the boy's St. Patrick's Shamrocks tomorrow and hopefully we'll work on another project tomorrow afternoon....

Thanks for visiting!
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