Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stations of the Cross Bingo

I've been slacking with my posts. We made this on Friday evening and the kids really enjoyed it.
We used Stations of the Cross stickers that I found at *gasp* Dollar Tree!!

It is my favorite store anyway and this was a great find! I printed a blank Bingo card with "CROSS" across the top from and I let the kids stick one sticker in each square and decorate with markers. We ended up with two free spaces each. I used little crosses that came in a confetti pack from Hobby Lobby (not pictured because it kept coming out fuzzy) as Bingo markers. I ended up also numbering the stickers because it's hard to distinguish some of the pictures.

I stuck stickers on squares of cardstock to be used as call cards and I wrote the number of the Station and description on the back.

Mix up the call cards. Choose one call card at a time and call out the number of the Station and rad the description to the children. Allow them time to find the appropriate Station on their bingo cards and place a marker over it. When someone gets 4 in a row, he/she calls BINGO! I continue until all Stations have been called and everyone fills his/her card.

The children will learn the Stations of the Cross/ Events that led to Jesus' Death. They also learn number identification and one-to-one correspondance.

Hope you enjoy! I plan to add more fun activities soon!!
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