Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So much for dusting off the blog, huh? Well I had some weird coughless, no runny nose flu from Friday until Monday.Then, my 6 year old son's teacher called me Tuesday because has been wetting his clothes at school almost every day. I took him to the doctor after school yesterday and waited for 2 hours to be told he was fine. I got a prescription but thats a whole 'nother story! We finally got home with some Chick Fil A (fundraiser night) and ate dinner at 7pm yesterday. Early this morning, the same son wakes up with halucinating dreams and a fever. He must have my weird flu thingy. I stopped to get him some more Tylenol and his prescription from yesterday (still not ready!) and got home in time to help cook dinner before I left for Penance service and then a Women's Group meeting. No Time!!!! Aggh!!
I will be taking my son BACK to the doctor tomorrow and I have a meeting with my Preist. I also have a thing called work that I feel like I have not really done in a few days.
I have lots of activity ideas for me and the kids to complete but I guess we'll take this Lent one day at a time. The path to holiness is one day at a time and patience is the key.
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