Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book Review: Come and See Bible Study: Exile and Return

I am on a mission. I have been looking for an affordable and easy to understand Bible Study that is Catholic. I used to love the "God's Word Today" monthly booklets where I would read a little each night so that by the end of the month I had read and digested a whole book of the Bible or Bible topic. Unfortunately, these are no longer being sold so I have been searching for something that was just as easy and something I comprehended just as well.

The Come and See Catholic Bible study is more in-depth than something like the little magazines I used to read but when used as individual study, I found that it is just as simple and even more comprehensive. With this study, you read a little and then answer some questions about the material. When used as a group study, I can imagine that many doors are opened within the group setting and the individuals get even more insight. As an individual, I appreciated that this study covers readings from the Bible and the Catechism. At the beginning of each section there is also a little introductory information, making it a wonderful aid for private study as well as group study.

The Exile and Return package is awesome! I have been wanting to read the "Catholic" books of the Bible and this gave me the perfect opportunity to get started! I haven't finished my study but I am pleasently surprised at what an interesting book Tobit has turned out to be!

Head over to the Catholic Company site and grab a copy of  Come and See:Exile and Return-Bible Study! You won't be sorry!

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