Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Review: Ragged Hope

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Ragged Hope Cynthia Ruchti Abingdon Press

This book is a book about dealing with the choices that other people make when they have a huge affect on your life. It profiles several different people, all with different stories, and all true stories. Each person had to deal with some extraordinary change in their life by no fault of their own. Each chapter had a reflection where you were comforted if you were dealing with a similar situation or where you are inspired to help someone who is in this situation if you are not. The short chapters and true stories made the book read easily, almost like a chicken soup-esque book but with more soul.

I thought the book was interesting and the idea was magnificent. When I saw the title, I immediately thought that this book would be something that I could use in my own life since I have a few things going on that are no fault of my own. What I found was a great collection of stories. What I wanted was some situation-specific advice as to HOW to pick up the pieces and move on. The author covered the story from the what happened to the conclusion that the person left it up to God but she left out the meat in the middle that I was longing for... how can I move on when I am suffering because I watch my parents health deteriorate while they are raising my free-spirited sisters children? How can I not feel hard feelings towards my nephews mother who has not let us see him in over 6 years? How can I not hurt every time I think of my cousin driving in the wrong lane of the highway and killing an innocent child? These questions went unanswered. I recommend this book as inspiration to keep moving if you have already found that peace but if you are still searching for it, I suggest you find a book that is a little more in-depth.
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