Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book Review: A Big Year For Lily

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A Big Year for Lily Suzanne Woods Fisher Mary Ann 

As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I am a big fan of "bonnet books" and also of the Life with Lily series. Although the Life with Lily series is intended for young girls, I enjoy reading them and letting the little girl inside of me imagine what life would be like on an Amish farm. Through the adventures of Lily Lapp, a young girl can enjoy wholesome Christian fiction that is entertaining as well.

As with the other Life with Lily books that I have reviewed, this book captivated my child at heart. I breezed through the pages, curious to see what trouble Lily would find herself in as she grew another year older. She is as outspoken and ornery as ever as she makes the transition from being a baby to being a young lady. Although she is excited for the changes, she soon begins to begrudge the extra responsibility. Grab a copy of this book for your favorite little girl and you will make her very happy! 
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