Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Review: Rescuing Hope

This book sucked me in within the first few paragraphs with the engaging nature of the plot. The book continued along this path, making me want to keep reading to see what happens to the dear main character, fourteen year old, Hope Ellis. First Hope is abandoned by her father, then she is raped, and then she is sucked in by a smooth-talking pimp. It seems like all hope is gone for a girl like Hope but true love in Christ never ends and Hope finds this out. I wish the author could have taken a little more time on the ending so that it was not so clean and easy and maybe made the book a bit longer so that she could add more detail to the ending. Other than that, this book was first rate and one that all teenage girls need to read this summer!

After reading this book it is no surprise that the author, Susan Norris is an international speaker who helps teens and women find freedom in the area of sexual purity and has worked directly with victims of sex trafficking. This book was well written and some of the information presented could only be known by someone who has been on the inside or who has spoken with someone who has. Overall, this book is an inspirational look at what we can accomplish if we work together to eradicate the evil of sex trafficking beginning in our own country and moving throughout the world.

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