Saturday, November 17, 2012

Book Review: If Aristotle's Kid Had an Ipod


Can you imagine taking parenting advice from a philosopher. What in the world could 21st century parents possibly learn from Aristotle?

Amazingly, there is a lot that Aristotle can teach us as parents,  by Conor Gallagher tells modern Catholic parents how to use centuries-old advice in a practical way. This book covers topics such as friendship, religion, and happiness while offering stories and anecdotes to bring the ideas home for weary parents. 

I have read A LOT of parenting books in the past 13 years since I became a mother and none have been as enjoyable and easy to read as this one. It is rare that I break out my highlighter while reading a parenting book but I only made it through the first chapter before I decided to start again with highlighter in hand. The ideas presented in this book were fresh and made me want to read more. The best part of all is that this book is completely Catholic and helps parents lead their children down the path to holiness. There were a few times while reading this book- for instance, when the author compared friendship to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings characters- that I thought that this book would be a perfect read for dads. I highly recommend this book for moms and dads with children of all ages.

I received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review. Also, the links posted are all affiliate links, please visit them to support my blog! Thanks!

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