Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Books to read in May

I am an avid reader. If you have checked out the number of book reviews I have written, I can tell you that I have read many more books than the ones I review. I average about 5 books per month but right now my kids are still in school and I am on Summer Vacation from work so I have more reading time.

I recently started going online to my local library system's website and discovered that I can borrow a ton of books from my "wish list" for free! Here are my plans for May:

Called to Love- this book is about Theology of the Body, a set of documents written by Blessed John Paul II when he was pope. I am in the midst of reading this one and it is definitely for advanced readers.

Large Family Logistics- this book has been on my Amazon wishlist for a while. I only have three kids but I am a large-family wannabe and I think this book will have some great ideas for me to use.

Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults- I've mentioned a lot lately that I have two sons who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Well, both of my children and my niece (who also has ADHD and takes much more medication for it than my sons) are all high achievers in school. In fact, my niece aced her standardized tests and is currently in the gifted class. I am wondering if this book can give me more insight into identifying giftedness in children who are diagnosed with other things (I just hate to write

Your Child's Stregnths:Discover them, Develop them, Use them- I figure a strength-based approach is always best so when I saw this book recommended in Superparenting for ADD, I knew I had to read it!

Learning to Slow Down and Pay Attention: A Book for Kids with ADHD- Thought this would also be worth checking out. My middle son struggles with being organized and also with paying attention instead of daydreaming... maybe this can help him.

ADD-friendly ways to Organize Your Life- I am the most dis-organized organized person in the world. I am told that often and I believe it. I need to find ways that work for me before I can help my boys. I also hope this one is a diamond for me!

This is all I have on hold at the library for this month but I am sure there will be more added later! I also have a few books that I am going to be reviewing this month so I should have plenty of material. I am thinking of starting a new tab on my blog for all my ADHD friendly posts that I plan to write and also some reviews on some of these books in my queue.  

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia

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