Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book review: Moved by Faith

“Moved By Faith: Stories from American Catholic Radio” by Judy Zarick showcases stories from regular Catholic people who did big things with their Catholic faith. All of the stories were originally aired on the American Catholic Radio show and were compiled in written form to create this book. Many of the people whose stories are included in this book have started their own Catholic ministries and are still touching the lives of many.

I cried tears of sorrow and tears of joy as I made my way through “Moved by Faith”. I was inspired and I was educated through the words in this book. The stories were, indeed, stories of people who were much like me and who decided to make a change in the world that they lived in. I like that this book was separated into chapters and how each chapter marries the Catholic faith and the Bible together. Every chapter includes a quote from the Bible and then follows with the stories. At the end of each chapter, there are “Questions for Thought” that can be pondered individually or as a family.

“Moved by Faith” is a very moving book. I read this book in record time because I would tell myself I was going to read “just one more” and ended up reading five more! The only thing I feel I should mention about this book is that two of the stories mentioned the alleged miracles of Medjugorje. The author states clearly that these are not yet approved by the Catholic church but I feel I should warn readers that we should be VERY careful about apparitions that are not yet approved by the Church.

Overall, this book is one that I feel should be in every Catholic family’s library. The stories are great for sharing with all ages and they would be a good jump-off into deeper conversations about the Catholic faith. 

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