Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Religious Keepsake Box Tutorial

My middle son will be receiving his First Holy Communion later this month. I knew I wanted to create a First Holy Communion gift for him but I was lost as to what I wanted to create. After contemplating ideas, I decided to create a little religious keepsake box using some new papers that I bought at Big Lots this week.

Religious Keepsake Box Tutorial

What you need:

Animal Crackers Stack by DCWV
scissors/paper cutter
small wooden box (bought mine at Dollar Tree!)
Jesus sticker (also from Dollar Tree)

What to do:

First I traced the top of my box onto the wrong side of the paper I used for the lid and cut it out. Then I cut strips of paper in the width needed for the sides. My strips do not go all the way around. I opted to stop them at the back (because they weren't long enough and the hinges are in the way anyway). I assembled these pieces before moving on to the inside.

I used a paintbrush and ModPodge to coat the top of the box and the back of the paper and then pressed the paper onto the lid. I made sure that any overlap was evenly distributed around the box. Allow that to cure for a few minutes before moving on. Using sandpaper, gently sand the overlapping edges down the sides of the box. Sand them off completely if possible.

I then repeated the above step to do the sides. I also used some binder clips to hold the paper on the sides while they cured.

You can now coat the entire outside of the box with ModPodge and allow to dry. After dry, begin on the inside...

I measured my inside and it was approx. 2 1/4in x 3 3/4in. I cut two pieces of paper this size (one for top insert and one for bottom). Using ModPodge, attach the papers to the inside of the box.

Before sealing the inside pieces, I decorated the top insert with my stickers. I used a "WILD" sticker that came with my paper stack and then printed a label that said "ABOUT" using my label maker. Finally I matted my Jesus sticker (I chose the one with the Eucharist for my First Communicant!) and attached it.

Using the ModPodge, seal the interior of the keepsake box. Allow to dry completely.

There are many things that can go inside this little box. Some ideas that I have are:

Holy Card and Medal
Crucifix Necklace

Can you think of anything else that would fit well in this little box? Let me know in the comments below!

Here is my son with his box:

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia

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