Sunday, April 29, 2012

First Communion Cake Tutorial

Today was my middle son's first Communion day! We attend a small church so there were only 5 First Communicants. At a nearby church, there were 150! Amazing!

I made my son's cake using ideas that I pinned on Pinterest and then I added a few of my own ideas to create this gorgeous cake:

Want to make your own? Here's how:

First bake 24 cupcakes and cool them in the refrigerator. Then make some buttercream icing (or buy it). I used a recipe from Wilton to make my own buttercream icing. The recipe turned out perfect. I made two batches, one white and one blue. I had lots of blue left over!

 Next, you need a cake board to put this HUGE cupcake cake onto. I made my cake "board" from cardboard pieces glued together and then covered with fabric. I then taped some wax paper over the fabric for a beautiful background.

Now assemble your cake. Using a dab of icing on the bottom,"Glue" each cupcake to your board. Form a cross by placing sixteen cupcakes in 8 rows of two going vertically down my cake board. Then added four on each side to finish the cross.

Next, take the white icing and plop tons of it on top of the cross. Spread the icing, carefully ensuring that each cupcake is covered and that there are no visible gaps between the cupcakes. Using a large star tip and icing bag, just spread some blue icing to outline the cross. Using a smaller star tip and white icing, make stars to represent the rosary beads next to the cross. Leave a gap between every decade for a large star "bead". Use the large tip and blue icing to create the bigger beads and to write words. Lastly, I used some icing to "glue" my chocolate cross to my rosary and my chocolate chalice to the top of the cake. It was hard to see the white chalice so I trimmed it with some blue icing.

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia
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