Friday, April 27, 2012

Book Review: Superparenting for ADD

I have two sons with Attention Deficit Disorder. One has the hyperactive form of ADD (also called ADHD) and the other has the daydreaming form of ADD. I joke that I have to hold my youngest son's hand in front of me and my oldest son's behind me. Meanwhile I am bobbing my head back and forth saying, "Slow Down!" to the youngest then "Hurry Up!" to my older son.

If you have a child with Attention Deficit Disorder, you probably have a similar story. You can relate to my feelings of frustration that are only made worse by the people around me.

Teachers who I expect to offer help only tell me that my son is disorganized and will fail 2nd grade unless he shapes up irregardless of the fact that he makes all A's and B's.

Church members who I think would support a family who is going through tough times only made me feel ostracized. We now reside in the "training room" on Sundays.

After reading "Superparenting for ADD" by Edward M. Hallowell, MD and Peter S. Jensen, MD, I feel empowered! I know that I am doing the right thing by loving my children regardless of  labels and diagnoses. This book covers all of the practical apectss of raising a child with ADD. This book gives parents all of the arguments against the horror stories about how our ADD children will grow up to be failures! This book offers a bright start for the future.

I borrowed this book from my local library system and I am seriously thinking about buying it to have on hand. It will definitely be my go-to gift for any newly-diagnosed family!

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia
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