Sunday, March 11, 2012

ShamROCKIN' T-shirts Tutorial

Saturday is St Patrick’s Day! Yes, already! To get prepared for the big day (I live in a town named Dublin so you can imagine how popular this holiday is!) I wanted to create some t-shirts for my boys. It is not very often that I can create clothing for my growing boys.
I saw this adorable shirt on Pinterest and knew I had to DIY one for my boys. I bought some white shirts at the Dollar Tree (I was actually hoping for a light green or gray but I can be too choosy for $1). Everything else was already in my stash from previous projects.
Here’s the details:
Items needed:
1 light color t-shirt
Acrylic or fabric paints in the following colors: Green (I used Apple Green acrylic paint), white, black, and silver
Medium tip paint brush
Pencil and paper

How to:
Using pencil, paper, and scissors, fold your paper in half and draw half a heart. Cut out heart and hold against shirt to be sure it is not too big. If it is, fold it in half and cut it down a bit.

Now, using your pencil, trace your heart onto your shirt starting with the center heart. Shift your heart to either side and trace it again. Shift the heart once more to the opposite side and trace once more. Using your pencil, freehand (or you can use a ruler) the guitar handle and words.

Now it’s paint time! Using your green paint, gently outline the shamrock and then fill it in. After it dries, mix some green paint with white to create a slightly lighter shade of green. Using the lighter shade, fill in the handle of the guitar, forming a semi circle over where the shamrocks meet (on my shirt, it is outlined with black).

After the lighter shade of green dries, it is time to add the details. I used the black to outline the semi circle and to create the guitar strings. Once again, I free-handed but you can use a ruler for the strings. I also used the black for writing the words. Lastly, I used the silver to outline the entire guitar and I used a bit to create some shading on the leaves of my shamrock.

Let everything dry and, Viola! You have a ShamROCKIN’ shirt!

PS If you look closely you can still see my pencil lines, I am planning to use a spray carpet cleaner to get the lines off before they wear them. I could wash it but Im a little scared ;)

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