Thursday, July 21, 2011

Resource Round Up: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I have gone "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"
I love this story. I don't know if it's because of the yummy food, the beautiful pictures, the bright colors, or the endless possibilities for teaching young children...

I have a new idea that I am thinking of implementing in my classroom this coming school year. I am thinking of focusing on one REALLY GOOD book per month as my literacy activity and intergrating it into my science and other activities. We must have one literacy activity per day at our center. Of course I would read other books throughout the day but I want to ficus on ONE book per month at Literacy time. My first choice is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle.

I have found HUNDREDS of cool resources! I will feature some of the projects below and then at the end of the post will be links to the printables that I have found!

This is a FREE crochet pattern. I am going to make at least one of these for my classroom and possibly more for the other classes depending on the difficulty once I get started. I think this guy is too cute and would be fun for the children! I also found a knitted scarf pattern that I think is cute and could easiy be crocheted too!

A healthy caterpillar snack! Perfect for a nutrition activity and a great way to encourage kids to eat thier veggies!

Okay, this beautiful Hungry Caterpillar bracelet was not for the kids in my class. I thought it would be really cute for ME to wear! I love theme stuff and it is hard to look like a modern teacher and wear themed items but I think this one would be an exception!

I was impressed with this interactive "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" game! I can see someone getting some old pegboard and making it into this game for the classroom! Anyone have any pegboard to donate???

Something else I thought would be cute for me at Helping Little Hands. I can't sew but I would love to have this on the pocket of a polo shirt... I could rock this!

This guy from Craft Blog doesn't look too hard to create! I think he would be another great addition to the classroom. Maybe even on a shelf as a decoration!

Crafts and Things for children had this great idea to decorate a paper bag for the manipulative pieces (link below)

My students would love to role play with something like this!

This interactive book from My Oatmeal Kisses would be a lot of fun too! I could see my kids working on this for two weeks worth of literacy activities! (Day 1:cover, Day 2-8: days of the week, Day 9: caterpillar, Day 10: finish)

Sparkle Box has tons of gorgeous printables! I love the banner! I think it will look great in my new classroom!

The AAP is offering some cute stuff for you to print! How cute would that growth chart be for each child to chart growth throughout the year?

Carson-Dellosa is offering some great freebies too! They have bulletin board printables and lesson plans and craft ideas!

Scroll all the way down the Penguin Group page to find wallpaper and widgets for your computer! Wouldn't these look great on the classroom computer? PS save the wallpaper as a graphic and print to create your own scrapbook paper!

DLTK always has great stuff! I spent hours looking over everything they have to offer- for THIS book!

Another one of my favorite, Making Learning Fun has tons of great printables!

You can print up to 5 items free at the Teacher Vision website. This is a link to their "Very Hungry Caterpillar" resource.

Need some free printable foods for your activity? Check these out!

Confessions of a homeschooler has some great printables! One is a graph sheet and the other is some cute manipulative cards!

Some cute puzzles from an unknown source. These would be great for the classroom. I would only use numbers 1-10 though.

A coloring sheet from the eric carle website. I don't use many coloring sheets but it would be a great pattern for other crafts!

Last but not least, some worksheets for handwriting practice! I can use these during my small group time! Our school system uses D'Nealean so that would be the ones I would print!

That Resource Site has some go-alongs to the story

ISBC (Scholastic in UK) has a few printables, too!

This Youtube video would be great if you have a smartboard in your room or another way to play it!

I hope you enjoyed my very first Resource Round-Up! I am planning on more soon! I have a "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" in the works!

Thanks for stopping by! Alicia
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