Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lenten Soup and Movie

Every Wednesday during Lent, our church is offering "Soup and a Movie". Women from our parish CCW (Council of Catholic Women) provided soup and bread and participants enjoyed it while watching a portion of the series "The Footprints of God". My children made of 3/5 of the total population of children last Wednesday. I was quite nervous considering they were the youngest present too. I brought along some "Stations of the Cross" coloring books I purchased from Holy Heroes and a box of crayons. After they ate, the  2 youngest boys colored quietly (sort of) while Shawn and I watched the movie.
During the movie and after we left, the boys were quite excited about God. They asked questions about the Stations while coloring and they enjoyed some of the scenes in the movie. The next morning I opened an email from a fellow CCW member telling me how impressed she and her husband were with the boys good behavior. I think I may have won this battle! One point for mom.....

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