Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Love Notes"

Each year I like to do something special for my boys for Valentine's Day. This year I am thinking ahead and planning out a simple but useful basket of surprises for each boy. (I will prob post a pic later). On each basket, I will attach a "love note",  a handcrafted, handwritten note from mom and dad. With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I thought that I would share this simple idea for "love notes" with you!

I love stickers. All stickers. I bought these really cute reward stickers at the Dollar Tree a while back and came across them the other day. As I stared mesmorized at the bright colors and adorable animals, I thought about how cute they would look on a 3x3 inch card.
"Love Notes" Tutorial

What you need:
reward stickers or valentine's stickers, etc
a piece of 3 inch x 6 inch cardstock for each card
scrap scrapbook papers or pretty papers
assorted punches and fun stuff to add on

How to make them:
1. fold the 3x6 inch cardstock in half to make a square card.

2. Embellish with punches and stickers. I used a circle punch and scallop punch and then added the sticker to the top of the circle punch. You could also trace and cut a small circle or use a machine (Cricut, Sillouette,etc)

3. Give to someone special. Really easy, huh? Give it a try even if you don't think you are "creative"!

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