Sunday, November 28, 2010

Advent Begins

My favorite Liturgical Seasons are Advent and Lent. I think it is because we are most excited and motivated when preparing for things. Remember when you were preparing for your High School Graduation or Wedding? All of the preparation was stressful but enjoyable. The big day came and then it kind of died down. Liturgical preparation is similar. We tend to get worked up during Advent and then we celebrate Christmas. I enjoy getting things prepared and feeling like I accomplished something by thinking ahead. This year I have been keeping my eyes peeled while at yard sales and I found a few things for Advent for a great price!

The first thing I found is a beautiful candle holder. It is now my Advent wreath. Instead of four candles in the round and one in the center, it has 8 candles in the round and one in the center. I plan to use the extra candles to light each evening for the following:

1. Our Family Intentions
2. Our Parish Intentions
3. Our Holy Father's Intentions
4. Souls in Purgatory

I am hoping that this will encourage my family to pray more often for others and tie in more Spiritual significance.

Okay, now I know you want to know how much I spent on this beautiful piece.... It was a whopping $3! That includes the votive cups and berry decorations!

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