Thursday, July 15, 2010

SFA Days 2 and 3

Okay, I haven't been posting as I planned. I actually haven't done anything as planned. We tried having VBS in the morning on day 2 and it was chaos as they were ready to play thier own games before we ever had a chance to watch all of the videos. On day 3, we did VBS in the evening before bed. It was a little better but we never had time to make our snack because bed time came and went while we were assembling the awesome prayer books. Here is what we did:

On day 2, the activity was "Stained Glass Windows". I took the photos using my phone again so they are a little hard to make out. Shawn's is a yellow cross and Jacob's is a colorful cross within a colorful background so the cross is "hiding". Try to find it...

This is Shawn's yellow cross

Jacob's "hide and seek" cross

On day 3, we created some very nice prayer books. Considering I bought 1 activity book and copied it for each of the boys, I used a lot of color ink to print these beautiful graphics. I decided that I wanted the books to be something that the boys can use so I laminated the pages at the local teacher support center and I also made the covers from Fun Foam. I buy the fun foam from the Dollar Tree everytime they have it. Here are the FANTASTIC results:

Here are the Fun Foam covers. They cost mere pennies because I took an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet and folded it in half and then punched holes in it. Easy!

Each boy worked on his book and they all look a little different. Toad is 4 years old and he cut the pictures out himself. Straight lines are not too hard for him. Also, the St Michael prayer was the boys favorite because he beats up all the bad guys! lol

Jacob glued his a little different then Shawn and Toad I. I really loved this "Guardian Angel Prayer" in the center of his book.

Shawn made his book with no help at all. We worked together to decide which picture went with which prayer.

Thanks for stopping by! I will be posting today (day4) and Day 5 tomorrow. I also will be starting a give-away probably Monday so stop in and see what I am giving away!

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