Saturday, July 3, 2010

Busy Week

Well, as soon as I start doing things like I want to do them, the surprises pop up!

Yesterday was supposed to be our second day of 4 days of Independance Day activities. I had everything ready to go. I logged into facebook and there was an urgent request for my help. I was asked to be in a video that will be shown to expectant mothers who want to abort thier babies. I was very glad to help. It took a while because of some technical problems but the boys colored some really cute Christian coloring pages while we waited. Also, my co-worker/friend had a new grandson born yesterday after many complications. He is doing well... another blessing!

Today was our Immaculate Heart Tie Dye activity. Luckily I started early! We dyed the shirts before heading to the grocery store to get some things to cookout tomorrow. While we were in the store, my cell phone rang. My little cousins from Maine were here and wanting to visit! What a wonderful surprise!

Now we are planning to attend the Independance Day Fireworks soon and when I get home, I will rinse and wash our shirts for tomorrow! It has been a busy week but also a week full of blessings! Praise God that we live in a free country! Praise Him that we can help to fight abortion! Praise Him for family!

Pictures and more activities tomorrow!
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