Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reflection: Where is Supermom??

As you may know, I am a blog hopper. I took up this addiction a few summers ago when I learned what a blog actually WAS. I didn't realize before this that most good information is written in a blog for FREE. I always thought I had to read articles and books or visit company websites to get the great ideas. Now I know that bloggers are much smarter and realistic than any of the formerly named sources.
I have been pondering a question for a few days now that I think I may have finally found the answer to. Where is Supermom?? I read these company websites, articles, and books and even *gasp* some blogs and I start to feel overwhelmed. My hands get clammy and I start sweating at the mere thought of keeping up with Supermom! She bakes cookies and cakes that look like "stuff" and she creates crafts from recyclables daily and she manages to stick to a gluten-free vegetarian organic diet while homeschooling! Meanwhile, I am just me. I bake cookies and cakes on occasion. I try to do crafts with my disinterested children and ussually end up crafting alone. I am pretty good at getting veggies into my kids diets but I have NO idea how to soak grains or stick to any type of restrictive diet. Especially if you can't eat McDonald's while you are on it... and I can't even seem to school my kids over the summer even though homeschooling is my biggest dream.
This is enough to make me depressed. Often I want to beat myself up about it. Then, my dear blog-reading friends, I came to THIS realization: Supermom is a farce!! She is as fake as a $3 bill! She is really SEVERAL moms who do the same things as me but on different days so it looks like something new each day! She is really people's ideas that have come to fruition over YEARS of putting into practice! She's not just one mom on a budget! I promise! And I KNOW she's not a mom of three young boys who are obsessed with sports!
I feel like I can breathe easier now! Whew! Now, I'd like to recommend some REAL supermom's blogs who let you know that they are humans like me and you
Catholic Icing
Happy Little Homemaker
Raising Olives

I know that there are a ton more out there but I get a lot of inspiration from these three!

Have a wonderful day!
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