Wednesday, June 9, 2010

20 things to do during Mass besides participate

Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy: Confronting Motherhood, Womanhood & Selfhood in a Household of Boys
Sorry this post is a little late, blogger has been acting up for me! Thanks for visiting!

I am currently reading a book titled "oh boy,oh boy, oh boy: Confronting Motherhood, womanhood, and selfhood in a household of boys". The book is funny and i can relate to many of the anectdotes that the author, Karin Kasdin, presents. The one chapter that really struck a chord with me was "20 things to do in a synagogue besides participate". I was pretty sure that I could come up with 20 of my own.
Here are mine:
  1. Ask if it's over yet
  2. Smack your brother on the back of the head
  3. Get smacked back
  4. Laugh a little too loudly because you see mom's face turning red
  5. Ask if it's over yet
  6. Ask to use the bathroom
  7. Cry because you have to put the collection envelope in the basket
  8. Scoot as close to your brother as you can
  9. Have your brother scoot even closer to push you over
  10. Laugh again because mom's making that face again
  11. Climb under the pew and touch the foot of the person in front of you
  12. Get back in the pew and start flipping through a Hymnal
  13. Drop the Hymnal loudly
  14. Laugh again because mom's making that face again
  15. Ask if it's over yet
  16. Climb on the floor and roll around, causing your brother to drop the Hymnal that he's playing with
  17. Get back on the pew and lay down
  18. Ask if we get doughnuts today
  19. Complain loudly when mom says no
  20. Ask if it's over yet. And celebrate loudly when mom says yes
Yes, this is every Sunday for me! I hope and pray that they grow out of this "stage" but the author of the book doesn't give me much hope :)

Check out the book at your local library! I have a few more that I am reading and plan to share with you soon! Come back!

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