Monday, June 28, 2010

101 in 1001

I got this idea from Happy Little Homemaker's blog. The general idea is to set 101 goals to be accompliushed in 1001 days. This is hard for me because I want to finish them all NOW lol. Here is my list:
101 (goals) in 1001 (days)

Sunday, March 17, 2013


NFP classes

Pray for husband & children daily

Pray a morning offering daily

Learn Rosary by heart

Pray the rosary daily

Rosary Workout Level 3

Walk/Run in a benefit walk

Learn more/ Consecrate self to Mary

Learn with the kids about 5 Saints per year (15)

Create a new holiday tradition each holiday

Learn all Stations of the Cross

Go to confession 10 times

Read 30 catholic books (about 1 per month)

Read backlog of catholic books & other bible studies

Read 101 books together with kids!

Read a chapter book together each night until finished (3)

Read 60 books from library (2 per month)

Read 101 books

Work on 4 year degree

GPA at least 3.5

Take a “fun” class

Drink More Water!

2 sodas per day

150 lbs

Wear makeup & jewelry daily

Revisit & reexamine life for priorities quarterly

Go to Dr.

Go to Dentist

LASIK surgery

Spend 1 hour daily with just Amp!

Get 5 pictures of Amp!!

Kiss nightly

1 new baby

Give 10 “i saw this and thought of you gifts”

Do 10 random acts of kindness

Send out 5 “care packages”

Keep in regular contact with grandparents, brothers, aunts/uncles, etc. (face book-how are you?)

Find out all the family birthdays, anniversaries, and email addresses. Write on calendar and circulate.

Create a budget

Stick to the budget!!

$3,000 in savings

Pay Tithes weekly (goal- 5-10% of income- use end of year report to calculate)

Pay off 5 debts

$500 in Christmas Club Yearly

Buy House

New car

Save $5 for each goal completed. Savings

List things that we need/want and buy them at Yard Sales, etc (10 times)

Put 10% found income in savings/help someone

Spending freeze for 1 week (3 times)

20 followers on through my is blog

Featured on 2 different blogs

Learn more about Podcasting/ Catholic new media

Go to the Perry Fair

Take kids to the carnival when in town

5 museams

Attend a women’s or blogging conference

Go to Disney

Go to a NBA game

Attend One in The Spirit

Attend Eucharistic Congress Event

Kateri Tekakwtitha Pow Wow/Shrine

Go to Pennsylvania

Family Reunion

Eat a Philly Pretzel!

Go bowling 10 times

Decorate the house for every major holiday

One thing out of each FamilyFun Magazine (all ripped out ideas)

Do 1 cub Scout thing per week (143 things)

Make Pasta Fagioli

Cook one thing from each cookbook I own

Create 1 page for recipe binder for each meal cooked from cookbooks

Get a freezer

Use or trash all stamped images from swaps (past/present/future)

Create 5 BIA books

Up to Date Scrapbooks

101 Crafts with kids

Send out 101mailed cards or notes (about 4 per month/1 per week)

Sell cards at 2 different locations

Sell stuff at Possum Hollow

Get a sewing Machine

Learn to sew

Sew 5 projects

Make an apron

Make family Halloween costumes

Print out pictures

Donate blood

Complete 10 goals DURING Lent

Donate 50 items to food pantry

Donate $50 per year to charity

Make 50 rosaries to donate and mail/give away

Find someone (nursing home, etc) who needs cards

Make and send 101 cards

CELEBRATE birthday!

Throw a party


Reuse as much as possible BEFORE recycling

Have a yard sale

Organize and clean out computer

TBD! Fun! lol
I am also going to make this a "page" so that I can update my progress online ;)
Have a great day!
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